If the company’s website is its showcase, the blog is its soul.


The Situation of Arnold and His SME Without a Blog

Arnold and two colleagues created in 2013 a SME which offers IT solutions to companies. Since then, he convinced investors and realized a comfortable fundraising. His product responds to a real market problem.

However, Arnold is unable to generate sufficient visibility on his product, nor influence for that matter. He carries on unsuccessful cold callings, exhibitions visits, etc. And the growth of his SME continues to stagnate.

How to increase his visibility with a limited budget? How to connect with his audience? How to liberate his growth and promote his solution to companies that need it the most?

The Situation of Arnold and His SME With a Blog

Arnold created in 2013 with two colleagues his SME specialized in IT solutions. Immediately, he understood the importance of sharing his know-how and to connect with his audience. This is why he is fully commited to his website’s blogging.

Arnold does not only speak about his products on his blog. He also tells the values of the company, the evolution of his sector and he responds to the problems of his following. Thanks to useful content and a bit of patience, a strong community has built itself around his blog and regularly attends it.

His blog became his own information channel. He can easily communicate with his following and he manages to attract new customers. His traffic, his growth and his visibility are under control thanks notably to a community of ambassadors who share all his contents.

“Blogging allows your brand to create an interaction, a dialogue with your audience. If you can inspire your community, they will amplify your voice.“


Ghost Writer Hub - Creative Director

Our Strategy

Arnold’s example illustrates the contemporary problem of start-ups and SME: how to communicate with my audience?

In our Content Marketing strategy, the creation of a blog is central because it responds to this challenge. The blog represents your information channel and your own media platform. Thanks to his blog, Arnold can let go of traditional marketing and expensive advertising.

And blogging includes many other advantages:


The blog increases your Internet referencing thanks to its SEO-optimized content.

Personal Branding

In a logic of repetition, you expose your audience to your DNA and you immerse it in a coherent sociocultural universe.


The blog is a powerful lever of differentiation against competition.

“A blogging initiative is successful the day you become irreplaceable. If overnight your blog disappears, will people notice it? Will they miss you? If so, you’ll have won, because you’ll have become irreplaceable.“


Ghost Writer Hub - Founder