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Strategy and Content Marketing for Startups & SMEs

In a world where marketing and advertising flood people with informations, Ghost Writer Hub helps you build long lasting relationships with your audience. We use dialogue, storytelling, creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to create brand relationship, personal branding and business growth.


Grow your businesses

Increase your users, leads and sales



Engage your community

Boost your brand voice & identity


Become a market authority leader in your niche

Get you found by search engines (SEO)

[ Blogging = Creating + Sharing + Connecting + Inspiring ]

I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend.

You are What You Love,

Not Who Loves You.


If Content is King, Marketing is Queen and your Blog is the Castle.

Our Solution

We dedicate a manager and its team of Growth Hackers to your brand’s growth.

Our solution includes the management of your web marketing strategy and the creation of content for your project. It consists in a monthly subscription, 5 days each month for example. This customized formula includes development aid, creating articles, interviews, videos and podcasts for your visibility. The whole is integrated in an ” Inbound Marketing ” strategy. The goal ? Develop your visibility, your influence and increase your sales.

Content Marketing: we create personal profiles and brand identity through the creation of original content. We create articles, photos, videos or podcasts interviews, white papers, e-books and infographics. Our editorial and creative teams ensure cost effective content and an alignment with your DNA.

Knowledge: in close collaboration with your expertise we create the very best content. Our expertise cover business, consulting, estate, finance, industry, tech, innovation, music, lifestyle, personal development, food and many other topics that they can learn about.

Storytelling: daily, weekly or monthly post featuring your industry news and entertaining knowledge updates on what’s happening in your world of influence.

Community Management: we relay all your content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and more. We can manage your accounts to increase your audience, engage your community and generate more leads.

Project Management: a passionate team is here to work and meet you at any stage of your e-marketing strategy. Our growth blogging project management solutions includes assistance with ideation, editorial defintion, search engine optimization, analytics, A/B testing and reporting.

Analytics: all our blogs and social media campaigns include analytics, search engine optimization, reporting on clicks, likes, impressions, shares, comments and other KPIs.


“Content Marketing isn’t a 30 day trial or return on investment. It’s a long game. And when we say long, it could take 5 to 6 months to start seeing consistent results. This may seem like a while in the business world, but once we hit that tipping point, there’s explosive growth for our clients.”

“Your audience is too clever for traditional advertising. Content marketing is the best way to build trust and quality content for both your future clients and your organization.”


Ghost Writer Hub - Founder

“Times change. Clothes change. Morals change. We went from classical music to rock ‘n roll. Now times are changing again. You can’t expect the world to stand still. New generations come always with new music. It’s the same for marketing.”

“Stories are everything… and the goal of marketing is all about telling thirsty people what to drink.”


Ghost Writer Hub - Creative Director, Ghost Writer


Our client trust Ghost Writer Hub because we focus on growth strategies and innovative alternatives to traditional marketing.  87% of our clients have a direct ROI on their sales and become a market authority leader in their niche.

World Wide Team

Ghost Writers in Brussels – Ghent – Paris – London – Montreal – Los Angeles -Antananarivo – New Delhi…